Deep Space 3 was a Federation space station located near a black cluster. Deep Space 3 was commanded by Admiral Marcus Holt in the late 24th century. The station hosted the palio of 2370, where the Ferengi were accused of trying to bribe the Breen pilot into throwing the race.

In 2370, the USS Hera, commanded by Captain Silva La Forge, left Deep Space 3 on a courier mission and disappeared shortly after. (TNG: "Interface")

Deep Space 3 is mentioned in Max Grodénchik's "Rom's Song", as the station where Odo moves to.

      Deep Space 4 was a Federation space station utilized during the 24th century.

In his search for the ancient humanoids DNA-puzzle, Richard Galen wanted to get to Deep Space 4 on a Vulcan ship, and there gain passage to Caere on an Al-Leyan transport. (TNG: "The Chase")

The computer records from Deep Space 4 contained information on the Hansen family. Captain Janeway on the USS Voyager, while searching for information on Seven of Nine, could only find the information she needed from Starfleet's database for Deep Space 4. (VOY: "The Gift")  Deep Space 5 was a Federation space station in the late 24th century which was responsible for new starship developments.

In an alternate reality visited by Worf in 2370, Deep Space 5 was the object of covert surveillance by the Cardassians along with Starbase 47, the Iadara colony and the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards. (TNG: "Parallels")

Deep Space 5 is located near Ivor Prime. In 2373, the station reported the destruction of the colony there by the Borg. (Star Trek: First Contact

In the Star Trek: New Frontier novel series, Deep Space 5 is located near Sector 221-G, a region of space that included the planets Danter and Xenex and the former Thallonian Empire. The station was under the command of Admiral Edward Jellico. The USS Excalibur launched from Deep Space 5 on its mission to render humanitarian aid to Sector 221-G. 

Deep Space 7 was a Federation starbase located near the Romulan Neutral Zone. The base was operational at least during the late 24th century.

In 2375, Commander Chakotay pretended to have arrived from the Romulan Neutral Zone via Deep Space 7 in the Species 8472 recreation of Starfleet Academy. (VOY: "In the Flesh")

"Think of it. Five years ago no one had ever heard of Bajor or Deep Space 9 and now, all our hopes rest here."
- Chancellor Gowron to Captain Benjamin Sisko (DS9: "By Inferno's Light")

One of the most historically, politically, and strategically important space stations in the Alpha Quadrant, Deep Space 9, originally known as Terok Nor, was an orbital space station constructed by the Cardassians in orbit of Bajor. Under Federation administration following the Cardassian withdrawal, DS9 became a vital commercial port and defensive outpost because of its strategic location near the mouth of the Bajoran wormhole. It later became a key tactical location in the Dominion War.                      

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