thumb|300px|rightChief medical officer of the , Janet Fraiser's expertise and bedside manner made her an invaluable member of the program. She was a specialist in rare and exotic diseases, and fully capable of performing autopsies when the need arose. With her access to larval Goa'uld, Frasier was probably the most experienced person on Earth when it comes to treating and maintaining . After seven years of service to the program, she was killed on a mission off-world.
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The best docter ever!

Dr. Frasier was not afraid to use her position as chief medical officer to prevent superior officers from getting away with anything that will be detrimental to their health. On more than one occasion she pulled SG units from active duty to recuperate, and was not afraid to put even in his place.

After a terrible Goa'uld experiment wiped out the entire population of , Frasier took the one remaining survivor, an 11-year-old girl named , under her wing. She adopted her and raised Cassie as her own daughter, putting up with all of the culture shocks and heartaches of growing up.

Sometime between marriage and divorce, Janet joined the military. She once had training in firearms, but didn't actually put it to use until the took control of the base, and all of its men. Fraiser and the rest of the base's women regained control of the S.G.C., earning her an official commendation.

Fraiser was known to go to the extremes when trying to save the lives of patients, including her daughter. When the Goa'uld was sitting in a holding cell, withholding vital information to cure Cassandra of a genetic illness, Fraiser tranquilized the guard on duty and pointed a gun at the Goa'uld, demanding she save Cassandra. In the end, this saved Cassie's life and the actions were not charged against her record.

Janet suffered from severe allergies and took anti-histamines to abate the problem. This was once crucial in curing a disease that had plagued the S.G.C., turning many of the officers into Neanderthals.

Fraiser made occasional house calls off-world, and was regarded as a valuable friend to the members of and many others on the base. For a time she also maintained an office at the nearby Air Force hospital, and was particularly close friends with . She died in the line of duty when a in the service of shot her in the chest as she attended to a wounded member of , Senior Airman , on . A memorial service was held in the gate room at , where Carter honored her memory with a list of those whose lives Dr. Fraiser had saved. Wells and his wife, , named their newborn daughter after her

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