Class: Sovereign-class
Registry: NCC-1701-E
Affiliation: FederationStarfleet
Status: Active (2379)



The Enterprise-E was launched on stardate 49027.5 and was, at the time, the most advanced starship in the fleet. She was built at the San Francisco Fleet Yards in orbit of Earth.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard assumed command shortly after the vessel's christening, just over a year following the destruction of her predecessor. Most of Picard's crew from the USS Enterprise-D were reassigned to the Enterprise-E. ([/en/wiki/star_trek:_First_Contact Star Trek: First Contact])

Technical information

In her original configuration, the Enterprise-E was 685 meters long and had 24 decks. She was equipped with twelve phaser arrays and five torpedo tubes.By 2379, the Enterprise-E had undergone at least one refit, including four additional phaser arrays and five additional torpedo tubes. The number of decks was also increased by five to a total of 29. (Star Trek Nemesis)

Sections included deflector control, stellar cartography, hydroponics, and one sickbay ward. Main Engineering was on Deck 16. ([/en/wiki/star_trek:_First_Contact Star Trek: First Contact])

The ship could be controlled by a manual steering column, located on the bridge ([/en/wiki/star_trek:_Insurrection Star Trek: Insurrection]). She was also the first Enterprise to be equipped with an Emergency Medical Hologram. ([/en/wiki/star_trek:_First_Contact Star Trek: First Contact])

The Enterprise carried a newer design of shuttlecraft as well as numerous other forms of transportation including a warp-capable captain's yacht, the Cousteau, ([/en/wiki/star_trek:_Insurrection Star Trek: Insurrection]) and a special multipurpose shuttlecraft, the Argo. (Star Trek Nemesis)

Crewmembers included those of the Human, Vulcan, Bajoran, Betazoid, Bolian, and Trill species, as well as a Klingon and an android. ([/en/wiki/star_trek:_Insurrection Star Trek: Insurrection])



After a year-long shakedown, the Enterprise-E was ordered to the Romulan Neutral Zone during the second Borg incursion. Starfleet was officially concerned about possible Romulan military action since many of the available ships had been diverted to fight the Borg, but in reality, Starfleet was worried about Picard's presence at the battle.Disobeying orders, Captain Picard returned to Earth, his decision proving instrumental in the Battle of Sector 001.

The Borg cube was destroyed, but not before it launched a second vessel towards Earth. This ship created a temporal vortex and traveled back to the year 2063 in order to stop Zefram Cochrane from launching his historic Phoenix warpship and prevent the formation of the Federation by assimilating Earth itself.

The Enterprise, protected by the vortex, chased the Borg into the past and destroyed their ship, then sent an away team to help Cochrane repair the Phoenix.

However, the ship's sensors were damaged during the trip to the past, and unbeknownst to the crew, several Borg drones transported aboard the Enterprise before their ship exploded. They began to assimilate the ship's engineering section below Deck 11, including many crewmembers. They also attempted to build an interplexing beacon on the Enterprise deflector dish to contact the Borg Collective of that time period.

A team led by Captain Picard stopped the beacon from being completed by separating the deflector from the ship by dis-engaging the mag-locks and then destroying it. Picard eventually realized that the fight was a lost cause, and ordered the evacuation of the ship and an auto-destruct, to prevent the Borg from interfering with the Phoenix flight.

He eventually confronted the Borg Queen in Main Engineering, and with the help of Commander Data, aborted the auto-destruct and prevented the attempt to destroy the Phoenix with three quantum torpedoes. After this, Data used plasma coolant to liquefy the organic components of the Borg, destroying their temporary collective.

The Enterprise crew was successful in helping Cochrane make his flight and instigate first contact with Vulcans. The ship then returned to 2373 where she was repaired and returned to service. ([/en/wiki/star_trek:_First_Contact Star Trek: First Contact])

In 2375, the Enterprise was conducting a diplomatic mission with the Evora, a new Federation protectorate species, and was scheduled to resolve a dispute in the Goren system when her crew became embroiled in a plot by the Son'a, assisted by Starfleet Admiral Matthew Dougherty, to forcibly remove the Ba'ku from their isolated homeworld in the Briar Patch.

The Son'a planned to harvest metaphasic radiation from the planet's ring system, and needed Starfleet cooperation to carry out the plan. Captain Picard felt the relocation of the Ba'ku was a severe violation of the Prime Directive, resigned his commission, and led a team of Enterprise crewmembers to the Ba'ku planet to prevent their capture and removal.Commander William T. Riker was instructed to take the Enterprise and contact the Federation Council to alert them to the realities of the situation. It was a treacherous journey, since the Briar Patch interfered with external communications as well as the ship's impulse drive.

Two Son'a battle cruisers were sent by Ahdar Ru'afo to intercept the Enterprise before she left the Briar Patch, and severely damaged the ship in the process. The warp core was ejected in order to seal a dangerous tear in subspace created by the isolytic weaponry of the Son'a.

Riker was able to outsmart the Son'a by collecting metreon gas native to the Briar Patch then venting it behind the ship. When the Son'a used their weapons, the gas exploded, destroying one ship and severely damaging the other. This became the Riker Maneuver.

Riker convinced the Federation Council to reconsider the plan for the Ba'ku and Captain Picard was reinstated as the ship's commander. ([/en/wiki/star_trek:_Insurrection Star Trek: Insurrection])

The Enterprise visited Earth for several days in 2376, around the time the Pathfinder Project made contact with the USS Voyager, and conducted a mission about seven light years from Earth later that year. ([/en/wiki/star_trek:_Voyager VOY]: "Pathfinder", "Life Line") According to Deanna Troi, it was an important mission.

Sometime between 2375 and 2379 the Enterprise underwent a major refit. Four additional aft facing photon torpedo tubes were added, along with one more forward facing tube: a twin launcher aft of the bridge, a single launcher above the aft hangar deck, and a single launcher at the forward base of the bridge terracing. The bridge was refitted with handrails and the consoles were improved across the port and starboard walls with more detailed displays. Additionally, new nacelle pylons were fitted at that time, slightly longer, broader and more sharply swept than the originals, and fitted with four additional phaser arrays.In 2379, the Enterprise returned to Earth for the wedding of William T. Riker and Deanna Troi. She departed for Betazed, where another ceremony, a traditional Betazoid wedding was scheduled.

While en route, the ship detected unusual positronic signals from the Kolarin system, discovering another Soong-type android, the prototype B-4. Shortly following, the Enterprise was ordered to Romulus for a meeting with the new Praetor, Shinzon, who wanted to initiate peace talks. Both the discovery of B-4 and the peace overtures turned out to be a ruse to capture Captain Picard and discover tactical positions of Starfleet vessels.Once it became clear Shinzon was going to use his starship, the Scimitar, to destroy all life on Earth and wage war on the Federation, the Enterprise was to join Star Fleet Battle Group Omega and make a stand against Shinzon. Shinzon caught up to the Enterprise in the Bassen Rift, and in the ensuing confrontation, the vessel was severely damaged, including a major hull breach on the bridge.

As a last resort, Picard ordered the Enterprise to ram the Scimitar, causing the destruction of much of the saucer section's forward area. The collision disabled the Scimitar, but Shinzon, driven by vengeance, activated his deadly thalaron weapon and trained it on the Enterprise.

The weapon was overloaded and the Scimitar destroyed due to interference from Commander Data, who sacrificed himself to save the Enterprise, Picard, and, indirectly, Earth.Following the Scimitar incident the ship returned to Earth where it underwent several weeks of extensive refit. (Star Trek Nemesis)

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