Star Trek: Enterprise is the fifth live-action TV series set in the Star Trek universe and the sixth in total. Created by Rick Berman and Brannon Braga, and based upon Gene Roddenberry's classic 1966 Star Trek (and its subsequent spin-offs), Enterprise was a "prequel", set a century before the time of Kirk and Spock. The series followed the voyages of the first starship Enterprise and mankind's first steps into the "final frontier". Initially titled without the Star Trek prefix, Enterprise ran an abbreviated four seasons. The series debuted in 2001 on the United Paramount Network. Cancellation of the series occurred in 2005.

As of 2009, Enterprise is the only Star Trek production whose continuity does not necessarily have two separate timelines that run parallel due to the events of the 2009 film reintroducing the crew of James T. Kirk.


Enterprise was set in the 22nd century, at a time before the Federation and while United Earth was just becoming a player in interstellar politics.

Like its predecessor, Star Trek: Voyager, Enterprise aired on UPN, rather than in first-run syndication like TNG or DS9. Initially, the ratings for Enterprise were as strong as those for Voyager, but the new series steadily lost viewers, and was finally canceled after its fourth season.

Numerous factors contributed to the demise of Enterprise. Due to its setting, the show was perhaps doomed from the start to step on the toes of previous canon and fanon, provoking the ire of the core Star Trek fan base. Enterprise may also have taken a ratings hit because viewers that used then-new digital video recorders were not yet included in official counts.

Enterprise accomplished a number of technical firsts for the Star Trek series, including the first episode aired in high-definition, "Exile", and the first episode produced entirely with digital video equipment, "Storm Front".

[edit] Basic plotEdit

Launched in the year 2151, the NX class starship Enterprise, (the first of United Earth's advanced warp five vessels) was at first on temporary assignment. Though years of preparation still lay ahead, the ship was unexpectedly put into service when a Klingon national crash-landed on Earth, putting the entire planet at stake should he not make it back to his people. Under the command of United Starfleet Captain Jonathan Archer, son of the famed scientist Henry Archer, the crew of Enterprise succeeded in their mission, but found themselves surrounded by deeper mysteries. Warranting the extension of their assignment into a full-blown mission of deep space exploration, the crew of the Enterprise set off into the unknown, taking with them a Vulcan science officer (or chaperone) named T'Pol and a Denobulan doctor named Phlox.

Enterprise's first years were rocky; while the ship made contact with such species as the Suliban and the previously mentioned Klingons, such contact was not peaceful. In its first two years alone, the ship's crew found themselves in armed conflict with a range of species from the Tholians to the Coridan to the Borg... and things only got worse. By its third year in space, an alien species known as the Xindi brutally attacked Earth, killing millions.

The NX-01 was dispatched to a remote and previously uncharted area of space known as the Delphic Expanse in order to prevent the Xindi from completing their ultimate goal of destroying Humanity. While the ship was successful, after nearly a year in the Expanse, the ship suffered severe damage and many losses.

Upon returning home, Enterprise served a more diplomatic role in the service of United Earth, easing relations between the Vulcans, the Andorians, and the Tellarites, and paving the way toward a Coalition of Planets, an alliance that would eventually lead to the founding of the United Federation of Planets. Though still often tumultuous, Enterprise continued its mission of exploration as well, bringing Humans in contact with even more new worlds and new civilizations.

Throughout its ten year voyage, the events of Enterprise shaped the next generation of space exploration. Enterprise was truly the first to "boldly go where no man had gone before..."

[edit] Main castEdit

  • Scott Bakula (as Jonathan Archer)
  • John Billingsley (as Phlox)
  • Jolene Blalock (as T'Pol)
  • Dominic Keating (as Malcolm Reed)
  • Anthony Montgomery (as Travis Mayweather)
  • Linda Park (as Hoshi Sato)
  • Connor Trinneer (as Charles Tucker III)

Star Trek: Enterprise was the only Star Trek series to complete its run without a change in cast (though rumors suggest the addition of Jeffrey Combs as Shran was planned for the scrapped fifth season).

[edit] Production crewEdit

  • Rick Berman - Co-Creator, Executive Producer, Writer
  • Brannon Braga - Co-Creator, Executive Producer, Writer
  • Chris Black - Co-Executive Producer, Writer
  • Manny Coto - Co-Executive Producer, Writer
  • John Shiban - Co-Executive Producer, Writer
  • David A. Goodman - Supervising Producer, Writer
  • Ken LaZebnik - Supervising Producer, Writer
  • Mike Sussman - Producer, Writer
  • Alan Brennert - Producer, Writer
  • André Bormanis - Executive Story Editor, Science Consultant, Writer
  • Alan Kobayashi - Graphic Designer
  • Dawn Velazquez - Producer
  • Gene Roddenberry - Creator of Star Trek

[edit] Episode ListEdit

[edit] Season 1Edit

ENT Season 1, 26 episodes:

Title Episode Prodno. Date Original Airdate
Broken Bow 1x01/02 001 2151-04-16 2001-09-26
Fight or Flight 1x03 003 2151-05-06 2001-10-03
Strange New World 1x04 004 Unknown 2001-10-10
Unexpected 1x05 005 Unknown 2001-10-17
Terra Nova 1x06 006 Unknown 2001-10-24
The Andorian Incident 1x07 007 Unknown 2001-10-31
Breaking the Ice 1x08 008 Unknown 2001-11-07
Civilization 1x09 009 2151-07-31 2001-11-14
Fortunate Son 1x10 010 Unknown 2001-11-21
Cold Front 1x11 011 2151-09-09 2001-11-28
Silent Enemy 1x12 012 2151-09-01 2002-01-16
Dear Doctor 1x13 013 Unknown 2002-01-23
Sleeping Dogs 1x14 015 Unknown 2002-01-30
Shadows of P'Jem 1x15 014 Unknown 2002-02-06
Shuttlepod One 1x16 016 2151-11-09 2002-02-13
Fusion 1x17 017 Unknown 2002-02-27
Rogue Planet 1x18 018 Unknown 2002-03-20
Acquisition 1x19 019 Unknown 2002-03-27
Oasis 1x20 020 Unknown 2002-04-03
Detained 1x21 021 Unknown 2002-04-24
Vox Sola 1x22 022 Unknown 2002-05-01
Fallen Hero 1x23 023 2152-02-09 2002-05-08
Desert Crossing 1x24 024 2152-02-12 2002-05-08
Two Days and Two Nights 1x25 025 2152-02-18 2002-05-15
Shockwave 1x26 026 Unknown 2002-05-22

[edit] Season 2Edit

ENT Season 2, 26 episodes:

Title Episode Prodno. Date Original Airdate
Shockwave, Part II 2x01 028 Unknown 2002-09-18
Carbon Creek 2x02 027 2152-04-12 2002-09-25
Minefield 2x03 029 Unknown 2002-10-02
Dead Stop 2x04 031 Unknown 2002-10-09
A Night in Sickbay 2x05 030 Unknown 2002-10-16
Marauders 2x06 032 Unknown 2002-10-30
The Seventh 2x07 033 Unknown 2002-11-06
The Communicator 2x08 034 Unknown 2002-11-13
Singularity 2x09 035 2152-08-14 2002-11-20
Vanishing Point 2x10 036 Unknown 2002-11-27
Precious Cargo 2x11 037 2152-09-12 2002-12-11
The Catwalk 2x12 038 2152-09-18 2002-12-18
Dawn 2x13 039 Unknown 2003-01-08
Stigma 2x14 040 Unknown 2003-02-05
Cease Fire 2x15 041 Unknown 2003-02-12
Future Tense 2x16 042 Unknown 2003-02-19
Canamar 2x17 043 Unknown 2003-02-26
The Crossing 2x18 044 Unknown 2003-04-02
Judgment 2x19 045 Unknown 2003-04-09
Horizon 2x20 046 2153-01-10 2003-04-16
The Breach 2x21 047 Unknown 2003-04-23
Cogenitor 2x22 048 Unknown 2003-04-30
Regeneration 2x23 049 2153-03-01 2003-05-07
First Flight 2x24 050 Unknown 2003-05-14
Bounty 2x25 051 2153-03-21 2003-05-14
The Expanse 2x26 052 2153-04-24 2003-05-21

[edit] Season 3Edit

ENT Season 3, 24 episodes:

Title Episode Prodno. Date Original Airdate
The Xindi 3x01 053 Unknown 2003-09-10
Anomaly 3x02 054 Unknown 2003-09-17
Extinction 3x03 055 Unknown 2003-09-24
Rajiin 3x04 056 Unknown 2003-10-01
Impulse 3x05 057 Unknown 2003-10-08
Exile 3x06 058 Unknown 2003-10-15
The Shipment 3x07 059 Unknown 2003-10-29
Twilight 3x08 060 Unknown 2003-11-05
North Star 3x09 061 Unknown 2003-11-12
Similitude 3x10 062 Unknown 2003-11-19
Carpenter Street 3x11 063 Unknown 2003-11-26
Chosen Realm 3x12 064 Unknown 2004-01-14
Proving Ground 3x13 065 2153-12-06 2004-01-21
Stratagem 3x14 066 2153-12-12 2004-02-04
Harbinger 3x15 067 2153-12-27 2004-02-11
Doctor's Orders 3x16 068 Unknown 2004-02-18
Hatchery 3x17 069 2154-01-08 2004-02-25
Azati Prime 3x18 070 2154-01 2004-03-03
Damage 3x19 071 Unknown 2004-04-21
The Forgotten 3x20 072 Unknown 2004-04-28
3x21 073 Unknown 2004-05-05
The Council 3x22 074 2154-02-12 2004-05-12
Countdown 3x23 075 2154-02-13 2004-05-19
Zero Hour 3x24 076 2154-02-14 2004-05-26

[edit] Season 4Edit

ENT Season 4, 22 episodes:

Title Episode Prodno. Date Original Airdate
Storm Front 4x01 077 Unknown 2004-10-08
Storm Front, Part II 4x02 078 Unknown 2004-10-15
Home 4x03 079 Unknown 2004-10-22
Borderland 4x04 080 2154-05-17 2004-10-29
Cold Station 12 4x05 081 Unknown 2004-11-05
The Augments 4x06 082 2154-05-27 2004-11-12
The Forge 4x07 083 Unknown 2004-11-19
Awakening 4x08 084 Unknown 2004-11-26
Kir'Shara 4x09 085 Unknown 2004-12-03
Daedalus 4x10 086 Unknown 2005-01-14
Observer Effect 4x11 087 Unknown 2005-01-21
Babel One 4x12 088 2154-11-12 2005-01-28
United 4x13 089 2154-11-15 2005-02-04
The Aenar 4x14 090 Unknown 2005-02-11
Affliction 4x15 091 2154-11-27 2005-02-18
Divergence 4x16 092 2154-12 2005-02-25
Bound 4x17 093 2154-12-27 2005-04-15
In a Mirror, Darkly 4x18 094 2155-01-13 2005-04-22
In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II 4x19 095 2155-01-18 2005-04-29
Demons 4x20 096 2155-01-19 2005-05-06
Terra Prime 4x21 097 Unknown 2005-05-13
These Are the Voyages... 4x22 098 47457.1 2005-05-13

[edit] The would-be Season 5Edit

Possible design of a 22nd century Kzinti starship

The Enterprise was due to visit Stratos, showing the split-up of its society as it is depicted in TOS: "The Cloud Minders"

Revisiting the mirror universe and possibly featuring Hoshi Sato being empress of the Terran Empire was discussed for Season 5.A fifth season of Star Trek: Enterprise was never produced, since the show was officially cancelled on 2 February 2005. The producers, however, had already devised numerous plans for future seasons, which could have started airing by September 2005. Most information is based on comments by producer Manny Coto.

  • A Kzinti episode had been suggested as a prequel to TAS: "The Slaver Weapon", which progressed as far as a "rough rendering" of a Kzinti starship, commissioned by writer Jimmy Diggs. The story was titled "Kilkenny Cats." [1]
  • Manny Coto has stated that, had the series been given a fifth season, the recurring character of Shran may have joined the crew of Enterprise, as an "auxiliary or an advisor" [2] [3]
  • At the 2009 VegasCon, Coto suggested that two big themes of the season would have been to show "origins of the Federation" and "whispers of the Romulan war". Consequently, the Romulans would be the major villains of the season, although other species may have appeared in the mini-arcs. Brannon Braga noted that he and Rick Berman had considered making "Future Guy" a Romulan. [4]
  • Plans existed for an episode showing the construction of the first starbase, most likely in the Berengaria system. First hints to that episode were already given in "Bound". [5]
  • Enterprise was due to revisit (actually previsit) the cloud city Stratos on Ardana showing the formation of the two castes seen in TOS: "The Cloud Minders". [6]
  • Furthermore, revisiting the mirror universe, which had already been shown in "In a Mirror, Darkly", and possibly featuring Hoshi Sato being empress of the Terran Empire had also been discussed. At the 2009 VegasCon, Coto revealed that one idea was to spread four or five episodes through the season, as a kind of "mini-series inside a series". He stated it was his "big regret" at not getting a chance to do so. [7]
  • Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens pitched a story with Alice Krige as a Starfleet medical technician who makes contact with the Borg from Season 2 ("Regeneration") and becomes the Borg Queen. [8]
  • Writer/producer Mike Sussman hoped to have T'Pol finally meet her father, and reveal to the audience that he was in fact a Romulan agent who had posed as a Vulcan officer prior to faking his own death. The suggestion that T'Pol was half-Romulan would have shed light on her affinity for Humans as well as her interest in experimenting with emotions. (Information provided by Mike Sussman)
  • In a 2009 interview, Welsh writer/producer Russell T Davies, showrunner of the British series Doctor Who, said that he had considered doing a crossover between Doctor Who and Star Trek, but the latter was canceled before the idea could be pursued.[9]
  • A design for a 5th Season refit of the Enterprise is planned for inclusion in the 2011 Star Trek: Ships of the Line Calendar.[10]

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