A starbase is a facility where starships are maintained and resupplied, and crews can relax. A starbase can be a research station, a military base, a place for interstellar trade or a seat of administration. Some starbases are also involved in the construction of starships. Starbases offer various services to vehicles, from medical facilities to full-fledged spacedocks capable of refitting a starship.

Starbases can be partially or completely located on a planet surface, or be limited to strictly spaceborne installations. Some are a combination of a ground-based facility with orbital components.

The term starbase is often specifically used to refer to Federation Starfleet bases. Federation starbases are usually commanded by a flag officer, and fulfill a major supporting role in Starfleet. They coordinate starship operations and provide supplies and maintenance to Federation starships. Some starbases, like Deep Space 9, are jointly operated by local governments. Major Federation starbases are numbered sequentially, totalling more than 700 in the 2360s. Besides the numbered starbases, Starfleet also operates so-called "Deep Space" outposts, usually located outside Federation territory or in the interstellar void.

It may be that starbase unit nomenclature is similar to that of today's military units; there are currently only a handful of active US Army divisions, and even though we hear of the "101st Airborne" and "82nd Airborne", there are not 101 active airborne divisions in the US Army. Starbase designators may likewise be retired, reactivated, redesignated, etc. It is also possible that any planet with a Starfleet presence has a Starbase designation as well, and stations with other names, e.g., Lya Station Alpha, and Starbase Deep Space 9, might have starbase numerical designators.

The use of starbases were proposed to Earth Starfleet as early as 2154. In this year, the NX-01 Enterprise was sent to scout for suitable planets on which starbases could be built. Among the potential candidates was the seventh planet of the Berengaria system. (ENT: "Bound").

If any starbases were built prior to the founding of the United Federation of Planets in 2161, they would have fallen under the authority of the Federation Starfleet as of that year.

Starbase 2 is a Starfleet starbase. It had a well equipped and staffed medical facility.

In 2269, Commander Spock suggested taking Doctor Janice Lester to Starbase 2 instead of Benecia colony. (TOS: "Turnabout Intruder")

Starbase 4 was a Federation starbase operating from at least the 2260s.

The survivors of a Federation expedition to Triacus were transported to Starbase 4 by the USS Enterprise in 2268. (TOS: "And the Children Shall Lead")

Later in the same year, a shuttlecraft was stolen from the starbase by Lokai, a fugitive from the planet Cheron, two weeks before it was found by the Enterprise. (TOS: "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield")

Starbase 6 was a Federation starbase, the nearest one located to the planet Gravesworld. (TNG: "The Schizoid Man") It was commanded by Commodore Enwright in 2268. (TOS: "The Ultimate Computer" remastered)

In 2268, the USS Intrepid worked in conjunction with Starbase 6 in conducting a mission to investigate the loss of contact with solar system Gamma 7A in Sector 39J. On stardate 4307.1, Starbase 6 lost contact with the Intrepid and a rescue priority was issued to the USS Enterprise, which was already en route to the starbase. Following their investigation, the Enterprise returned to the base for a scheduled layover and shore leave. (TOS: "The Immunity Syndrome")

Later that year, the Enterprise traveled to this base, where it rendezvoused with the USS Lexington, and was ordered to be refitted with the M-5 computer. All but twenty of the Enterprise's crew was offloaded to this base, where they were kept in a security holding area, while the ship proceeded to participate in a Starfleet battle simulation. (TOS: "The Ultimate Computer" remastered)

The shuttlecraft Conrad, assigned to Starbase 6 in the 2270s, was launching from the San Francisco air tram station just as Admiral James T. Kirk's air tram was arriving in 2273. (Star Trek: The Motion Picture Director's Edition)

In 2365, the USS Enterprise-D traveled to Starbase 6 from Gravesworld, following the death of Dr. Ira Graves, to drop off Kareen Brianon so she could arrange transport back to Earth. (TNG: "The Schizoid Man")

In 2267, Starbase 9 was a Federation base used for resupply, and was located in the general vicinity of Earth. En route to this starbase, the USS Enterprise encountered a black star and was hurled farther along towards Earth, and into the past. (TOS: "Tomorrow is Yesterday") is a Federation starbase near the Xendi Sabu system. In 2364, the USS Enterprise-D towed the USS Stargazer to Xendi Starbase 9 after it was returned to Starfleet by the Ferengi. (TNG: "The Battle")

Starbase 10 is a Federation starbase located near the Romulan Neutral Zone.

In 2267, the USS Enterprise traveled to this base following its mission to Deneva. Later that year, Commodore Stocker was assigned to command of the base and was transported there by the Enterprise. (TOS: "Operation -- Annihilate!", "The Deadly Years")

This base has also been mentioned in games' reference books (The Triangle Campaign, Starfleet Operations Manual), novels (Pocket TNG: "Red Sector"), and comics (Gold Key TOS: "Sceptre of the Sun"; Peter Pan Records: "The Robot Masters").Starbase 11 is a Federation starbase administrated by Starfleet.

In 2267, Starbase 11 was the site of a court martial against Captain James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise, accused of causing the death of Lieutenant Commander Ben Finney. Later that same year, Lieutenant Commander Spock diverted the Enterprise to Starbase 11 in an attempt to transfer injured Fleet Captain Christopher Pike to the planet Talos IV. (TOS: "Court Martial", "The Menagerie, Part I")

Starbase 12 is a Federation starbase in the Gamma 400 system and is close to the planets Mab-Bu VI, Pollux IV, Risa and the Ceti Alpha system. In 2167, Starbase 12 was under the command of Admiral Uttan Narsu. (TNG: "Power Play")

In 2267, James T. Kirk originally set course for Starbase 12 with the SS Botany Bay in tow. (TOS: "Space Seed")

In 2364, the starbase was inexplicably evacuated for two days. Starfleet Command gave no explanation for this action. Captains Walker Keel, Rixx and Tryla Scott saw this as further evidence of a conspiracy within Starfleet. (TNG: "Conspiracy")

In 2366, the USS Enterprise-D underwent a one-week refit at Starbase 12, following its exhausting mission at Gemaris V. (TNG: "Captain's Holiday")

In 2369, when Lieutenant Aquiel Uhnari and Klingon commander Morag were believed to be coalescent organisms, these two were supposed to be brought to a secure medical facility on Starbase 12. (TNG: "Aquiel")

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