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F-302The F-302 multi-role fighter is the production model of the X-302 experimental fighter, first seen in the season 6 premiere "Redemption". Based on the X-301 but entirely human-built, the X-302 is a multi-role two-person craft with four sets of engines: two traditional jet engines, two aerospike engines, one rocket motor, and a naqahdriah-based hyperspace window generator. Due to the instability of the naqahdriah, the ship's hyperspace generator is only capable of short, unguided jumps. The craft is fitted with an inertial dampening system that allows it to achieve orbit, although they are only 90% effective when pulling negative G's. F-302's are evidently capable of VTOL as two F-302's escort a Wraith Scout ship to a landing pad on Atlantis and hover briefly on each side of the Scout ship in the Stargate: Atlantis episode "Allies." The F-302's main armaments are modified naqahdah-enhanced AIM-120 AMRAAM air-to-air missiles. The missiles are equipped with a shield modulator that theoretically allows them to bypass force shields, though this has never been shown to be effective in any episode. They are also armed with projectile cannons.

The X-302 prototype is used in "Redemption" to carry the Stargate a safe distance away from Earth before it explodes. The first F-302 combat mission takes place in "Fallen", where one is flown by Colonel Jack O'Neill and Major Samantha Carter in a strike against Anubis' mothership. In the episode "Lost City", several squadrons of F-302s commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Cameron Mitchell accompany the Prometheus in defending SG-1's cargo ship against Anubis' Al'kesh and death gliders. F-302s are based on Earth, Atlantis, the Alpha Site, and the Gamma Site (until "The Scourge").The BC-303 class ships also carried eight F-302s, While BC-304 Class ships can carry 16 which are seen in many episodes including "Ethon", "Allies", and "Search and Rescue". F-302s have had various call signs, including "Airstrike", "Flight", "Blue leader", "Delta 1-4", and "Dagger 1-2". The 1st SFW "Snakeskinners" is a wing of F-302s in the Milky Way, and the 1st TFW "Wraithwaxers" is based on the Daedalus, The X-302s have had the callsigns 'Abydos One' and 'Starflight'.

In season 8, Martin Wood and Brad Wright accepted an invitation by the United States Air Force to go on a test ride in the trainer jets. Set designer Peter Bodnarus based the design of the F-302 on the F-117A U.S. Air Force stealth fighter and the HL-10 aircraft from the 1970s, while still leaving the Goa'uld glider origins of the story recognizable. He and his team focused on creating a realistic-looking cockpit interior for the X-302 in terms of the headrest with overhead ejection handles and emergency systems.

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